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73 Portman Street, Zetland, 2017
Telephone: 0401332077
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Welcome to ELG Legal!

ELG Legal is a small boutique law firm catering for individuals who require and want efficient, personal service, at a realistic price.

At ELG Legal you don’t pay for the artwork on the walls or the fancy office, what you get is a solicitor who is interested in you- in providing the best possible outcome for your problem, what ever that may be. 

We will not give you false promises of unrealistic outcomes, rather honest easy to understand advice.

Costs are always foremost in everyones’ mind and at ELG Legal our aim is to provide the best possible service without all the add-ons which can make larger law firms more expensive.

At ELG we recognise that you are real people with real concerns and real bank accounts.



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